Get Your Rental Home Summer Ready

Posted on Tuesday, May 25, 2021

With summer fast approaching (even if the weather doesn't reflect it), many landlords are preparing their rental properties ready for the sunny season.

The team at Tiili have put together some top tips on how to get your home "body ready" in time for summer tenants.

Cleaning the Gutters

Not the most glamorous of jobs but definitely a necessary one. If they haven't been cleared since winter, you need to make this a priority as the leaves will start compacting down and start blocking the gutter. If rainwater cannot flow down the pipe system, the water will start overflowing from the gutter and run down the walls. This can cause water damage to your external walls and can even cause severe cracks. Regularly clearing the gutters will minimise any risk of this.

Get Green Fingered

If your rental home has a garden, this could be one of the biggest draws for potential summer renters. A well-maintained garden will appeal to families and couples alike and strategically placing some garden furniture will help them visualize spending hazy summer days there.

Although gardens filled with flowers look beautiful, you should remember that not everyone is an avid gardener and might not want the task of full-time gardener. Therefore, try and keep the garden as low maintenance as possible - decking, hardy shrubs and avoid fiddly flower beds. Having pretty garden lighting will also allow people to enjoy the garden throughout the summer evenings - which will give your home a big tick.

Let the Light Shine In

To create the feel of extra space, ensure the home looks light and airy. You can do this by cleaning the windows and keeping windowsills clear to maximise the light let in. Keep rooms uncluttered and remove any unnecessary furniture as this closes a room in.

Go Au Natural

When it comes to the interior styling of your rental home, the more natural and neutral you keep it, the better. Colours and decor are extremely subjective so you don't want to put any potential renters off by making them feel like they would be moving into your family home. Tenants want to visualize themselves living there and add their own personality stamp after they've moved in.

Ensure You're Insured

British summer weather can be extremely unpredictable, with flash flooding and storms being major factors. You need to ensure that your property insurance is up to date and that you will be covered if the worst does happen.

If you are looking for a lettings agent to help you successfully rent out your home, call one of the team at Tiili and we will happily talk through your requirements.

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