Why invest in buy-to-let property in Norwich with TIILI Agency?

Posted on Monday, May 15, 2023

If you're considering Investing in buy-to-let property or looking to expand your portfolio, Norwich could be the perfect place for you. With Its thriving creative Industrles and good local restaurants, It's easy to see why It was recently named by The Times as one of the best places to live in the East. With the thriving market town of Aylsham, just a twenty-minute drive from the city, also making the shortlist, there's a lot to attract tenants. Trust Us when we say, your Investment will pay off! With a wealth of two bedroom propertles avallable up to £250,000, you can easlly strike a good balance between affordability and potential return on investment.


A fine city

One reason why Norwich Is a good place to Invest in property Is the fact more and more digital creative companles are making Norwich their home. Its close proximity to Cambridge and ease of access to London make It the perfect place to strike a good work-life balance.  Particularly when you consider tenants can be at the coast within forty minutes or enjoy any number of green spaces within the clty Itself.

With a strong and growing arts scene, Norwich Is Incredibly attractive to young professionals Interested in the arts, media, and technology. This demographic is actively looking for good quality rental properties withln easy reach of the city centre.

Another factor making Norwich an attractive location for tenants Is the abundance of good local restaurants. With no less than ten featuring in the Michell Guide, Norwich has an Impressive variety of dining options.

All of these factors mean there is a high demand for rental propertles in Norwich and the surrounding area. The area often features on 'best places to live* lists, further increasing demand.

Student lets

The presence of two major universitles also makes Norwich an Ideal location for student lets. The University of East Anglia and Norwich University of the Arts attract around twenty thousand students each year, all of whom require accommodation. The great thing about student lets Is that they can offer a higher yleld than traditional buy-to-let properties. As a buy-to-let investor, you can tap into this market by offering quality accommodation at competitive prices.

Experts In Norwich property

If you're looking for expert advice on Investing In buy-to-let property in Norwich, TIll Agency can help. We have extensive experlence In the Norwich market with the added bonus of belng from the area. This allows us to provide valuable Insights Into the local rental market.  Our property management services include tenant sourcing, marketing, and more to help you maximise your return on Investment. There are no hidden charges and we use a fully compliant deposit protection scheme.

We start by provlding you with an accurate valuation to ensure you achleve the best possible market rent as quickly as possible. We then start to market your property on not one but three different property websites. Part of this service Includes managing vlewings and offers to ensure only serlous tenants are brought in. The team also proactively works to find you the right tenants from within the local area.

Once tenants have been sourced, we obtaln top-level references and draw up a detalled tenancy agreement that meets current guldance. We then carry out a detalled inventory to ensure everything is as it should be prior to the tenants moving in. Once check-In has been arranged and the tenants are happlly In situ, we take care of everything.

Our job doesn't stop there. With tenants living in the property, Inspections and maintenance need to take place. We organise everything from scheduled maintenance and inspections to emergency 24/7 call-outs. For scheduled tenancy inspections, we compile detalled reports and take photos to keep you in the know. If the worst happens and your tenants need emergency repairs, we get them sorted ASAP using a network of local trusted traders.

When the time comes for tenants to move on, we manage the whole check-out process.  This Includes taking another Inventory, organising the handing over of keys, llaising with you about returning the deposit based on the state of the property at check-out, and carrying out any malntenance required. We then start the whole process again.

A fine city for Investment properties

Norwich Is an excellent location for buy-to-let investment, particularly for two bedroom propertles. With its thriving creative Industrles, good local restaurants, and opportunities for student lets, there are plenty of reasons to invest in the area. TIll Agency helps you maximise your return on investment and bulld a successful rental property portfolio through our comprehensive property management packages.

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