Landlords Guide by Tiili

Are you looking for a little extra income? Letting could be the option for you. With the right planning and approach, the process can be straightforward – even with the new regulations to negotiate! Whether it is a terrace house or a flat in the heart of Norwich, we can help take away the stress of those constant text messages about dripping taps away and manage it for you. Contact us today if you would like to let us give you a hand!

Feel free to call us at Tiili at any time with your questions about letting or read on to see if we have the answer below with our overview of how letting works.


#1 Pick the right partner.

When choosing an estate agent to take the reins of your rental property, the highest valuation may be the first factor of attraction, but this is not the only aspect that counts. Other things to consider include how they will market the property, how well they know the area and of course, their database of potential tenants ready to bring their mugs and fairy lights!

#2 Let looking good.

If you want a high standard of tenant, you want a high standard let, and this is where presentation comes into play. Not only can we help you set your house up to appeal, but as part of our management service, we can also clean your property on a weekly basis, which of course, isn’t just good for renters, but for helps keep your place tip top too.

#3 The deciding vote.

Of course, you may or may not want the final say over those inhabiting your house. We can line up the candidates – not forgetting their references – for you to make the final (well-informed) choice.

#4 Secure that tenant.

Now for the legal stuff – the paperwork. This is where we make sure that the signatures are on the right lines, the money-side is all ready to go, deposits are independently protected and the date is set. Let’s face it, tenancy agreements on the back of a beermat just don’t work.

#5 Secure your place.

So, the tenant is legal, but is your property? We can make sure the answer to this question is yes, helping with gas safety inspections, making sure all electrical items have been PAT tested, as well as the final little details to make your property let-ready and looking good!

#6 Ticking the boxes.

Packing boxes are not the only boxes that need checking when it comes to letting. One final important step is a tick list of your very own – an inventory. When returning deposits, commissioning an inventory to refer to could prove very useful!

Questions at the ready.

The final step isn’t really a step but more of a promise. We here at Tiili promise to try and answer any other questions that could possibly have popped into your head while reading our guide to letting. Whether it’s to include your great aunt’s lampshade in an inventory or which potential tenant may be the right one for you, call us or drop by for a brew and we will do our best to answer.